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The International Assembly provides a forum for collaboration and interchange of ideas among NCSS members from the United States and foreign countries. The Assembly promotes linkages among NCSS educators to enhance professional development, to enrich social studies learning, and to share research, learning activities, and teaching methods with global perspectives. The Assembly conducts its own program and business meeting during the NCSS Annual Conference.

IA annual dues: $25 for residents of the United States

Each associated group has its own membership dues, which are in addition to NCSS membership. For more details on membership, go to

To renew your membership or join a member online, go to

You can also Download a printable membership form in PDF

To become IA member, choose International Assembly from “Join a NCSS Associated Group” at the left bottom.

International members of the International Assembly are required to be members of the National Council of the Social Studies (NCSS). International members of the NCSS need to pay $15 to become members of the INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY. If you are a current US member of NCSS and wish to join the INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY, please do it online or send a $25 (US) check or money order to:

National Council for the Social Studies,

Membership Department
8555 Sixteenth Street – Suite 500
Silver Springs, MD, 20910
Phone: 1-800-296-7840




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